So Yeah, AdCom8 Tried Slack and Kyber

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Getting things done together is a core problem at work. Throughout my career, standard solutions like task and project management apps never worked well. Too complex to use, too much friction to adopt within any of my teams. Why? These tools force us to change our behaviors (i.e. communicate a task) and to adopt new workflows (e.g. fill a form …

Human Interface Guidelines for Slack

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Table of content The importance and benefits of┬áHuman Interface Guidelines Designing for conversational UIs UI and UX for Slack Creativity from constraints 5 design principles for /commands Intuitiveness Consistency Structure Context Conversational syntax User on-boarding Help command(s) App discovery flow Leveraging Slack UI The importance and benefits of┬áHuman Interface Guidelines When Apple launched the iOS platform in 2007, designing iPhone …