All-in-one suite of Slack apps to boost your team productivity

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Manage projects per #channel
Track and assign tasks
Review team workload
Create polls
Schedule announcements
Organize meetings
Get reminded
All inside Slack

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  • “We used Kyber to coordinate a major product launch.
    I’m 100% sure we wouldn’t have met our tight deadline without its help.”

    Alison C.

  • “Our sales department relies on Kyber to assign and follow up on client requests.
    Then we use Kyber to announce to the company any big deal we close.”

    Frank P.

  • “Kyber is great because it has so many functions, and they just work.
    It helps to not overburden Slack with too many separate apps.”

    Tracey P.

  • “Kyber has dramatically increased our team productivity by keeping us all on the same page.
    I am also impressed about the updates and active listening of user feedback to keep improving.”

    Ashley M.

  • “We are going with you guys over Asana after checking both out.
    We love we can do all of this without leaving Slack!”

    Andrew Z.

  • “I used to hate task managers. I love Kyber: it’s brilliant
    I feel like less of a taskmaster and more of a teammate with Kyber””

    Ben S.

Make things happen on Slack

All-in-one suite of Slack apps

Get a complete suite of powerful apps to help your team work better and faster in Slack: Task and project management, instant polls, scheduled announcements, meeting planning, personal to-do list and much more.
Kyber is ideal to coordinate work between your marketing, product management, sales and engineering teams or to run more efficiently individual teams.

All inside Slack, all via Kyber.

Stop switching between Slack and unnecessarily complex, external apps: get more work done in Slack, by adding simple to use, fully integrated, intelligent Kyber apps.
Instantly provision Kyber to your entire team without creating new accounts, consolidate multiple apps into one, save time and (a lot) of money.

Work better together

Task and Project management

Task and Project management

Track and manage daily tasks or entire projects within any Slack channel: save time, never drop a ball, get more done.

Turn a new or existing Slack message into a task, set a deadline, assign it to a teammate, add comments or attach documents and files. All without leaving Slack.

Each channel member can access the shared project list: when an item is completed, the channel is notified to share progress, reduce micromanagement and motivate your team.

Manage your team

An intelligent dashboard inside Slack

An intelligent dashboard inside Slack

Leverage the intelligence of Kyber bot to effectively manage your team.

Add deadlines or reminders to task and have Kyber bot remind the right people or entire channels.

Review and balance the workload between each employee across all Slack channels from a single place. Follow up on assigned tasks and receive a status update with completion percentage.

Finally, browse each channel from Kyber bot to have a complete pulse of what important is happening on Slack.

Make decision faster

Instant polls

Instant polls

Get immediate feedback and drive consensus with team polls.

Turn a question on Slack into a poll or start a brand new one; add poll options, let your team vote and review results in real time.

Ideal to make fast decisions, from strategic ones (“What discount should we offer?”) to logistical ones (“What sodas should we order?”) or to periodically check on team morale and to gather feedback on company activities.

Communicate effectively

Scheduled announcements

Scheduled announcements

Compose, preview and schedule team announcements.

Make your important message stand out on Slack by adding a title, bullet lists, advanced formatting, images, gifs or videos.
Prepare your message when it’s convenient to you, preview it and finally pick a time to schedule it.

With read receipts, you can make sure your messages are read and never missed even if more conversations happen afterwards on the channel.

Schedule meetings

Personal and Team calendars

Personal and Team calendars

Kyber Calendar is the first native calendar for Slack, that can be exported and viewed on Microsoft Outlook, Apple or Google Calendar apps.

Create shared team calendars per each Slack channel to track meetings, deadlines and reminders. Use the personal one to plan your day and stay on top of it.

Schedule, accept or decline meetings with interactive messages on Slack. Invite individual team members or entire channels, add meeting agenda or action items.

Get all your work in one place

Personal to-do list inside Slack

Personal to-do list inside Slack

Kyber brings in a single place all your to-dos, reminders, polls, announcements and meetings – not only your personal ones, but also those received from teammates, and those imported from apps like Gmail, Outlook, Github, etc.

With its artificial intelligence, Kyber creates a short, actionable plan for your day to let you know what to do next: you will be able to focus on what’s important and get more done.

Through advanced Natural Language Processing, creating complex tasks becomes as easy as entering a normal message. And it works with Apple Siri and Amazon Alexa too!

Automate your workflows

Integrations via IFTTT

Save time and never lose track of any issue with powerful integrations with the apps you use every day:

  • Mark an email on Google Gmail or on Microsoft Outlook and a task to respond will be added to your timelist
  • Automatically create a task with repository, issue and link when a Github issue is assigned to you and prioritize it within your daily plan
  • Create a record on Evernote of what you have accomplished every day, based on your calendar and to-do list
  • Create a to-do with Amazon Alexa and add it to Slack
  • Anything you can think of

Visit the Kyber channel on IFTTT.