Kyber for Slack: Project management, task delegation, team calendar, personal reminder and to-do list without leaving Slack

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Make things happen

Project management on Slack



Create and manage entire projects within any Slack channel.

With a command as simple as a message, you can post a task to a channel, set a deadline and assign it to a teammate. With powerful buttons, you can add Slack posts, snippets or any file.

When an item is completed, the channel is notified to share progress, reduce micromanagement and motivate your team.

Work better together

Messaging-based task collaboration



Sending quick messages with day by day requests is easy and fast (“Can you do this?”), but it makes it difficult to track them.

Kyber turns your important messages on Slack into tasks, automatically adding them to recipient’s and sender’s task list.

You can easily set reminders, get notified when tasks are completed or follow up with a button if not done yet.

Turn your team in a super efficient machine. With Kyber you can assign tasks to each other, create shared reminders or organize meetings as simply as sending a message. Kyber messages are directly added to recipients’ to-do list or synch’ed with their calendar so nothing get lost or forgotten. You can track messages per team member, follow up with a tap and automatically get informed when a task is completed. No more back and forth to organize a meeting: Kyber can tell you right away if others are busy and everyone can collaborate directly on the calendar event to find the best time and location. Build your kyber-team now!

Schedule with interactive messages

The first calendar for Slack



Schedule your meetings with new interactive messages on Slack. Invitations can be accepted, declined or even updated by anyone.

Kyber Calendar is the first native calendar for Slack, which optionally syncs with any existing calendar (Microsoft Outlook, Google, Apple, etc).

Use the mobile app to receive smart notifications with driving directions or to call Uber without having to re-enter all the information.

Becoming very productive is simple: list all you have to do, plan your day with few of those items, execute that plan. Kyber helps you making this process smooth and easy. After sync’ing your calendars, start adding the most important to-dos and reminders to your busy schedule, until Kyber artificial intelligence suggests that probably you don’t have much time left for more. No point in having an infinite list of to-dos if you only have a couple of hours free today, right? This intelligence will help you make your daily plan actionable, keep the focus on what matters and, as a result, get way more done. Like the best secretary, Kyber also reminds you of your meetings and important tasks, so you never miss one again.

Get all your tasks in one place

Personal productivity



Kyber brings all your to-dos, reminders and calendars in a single place, your timelist. Not only your personal tasks, but also those received from teammates, and those imported from apps like Gmail, Outlook, Github, etc.

With its artificial intelligence, Kyber helps you create a short, actionable plan for the day to let you always know what to do next: you will be able to focus and really get more done.

Through advanced Natural Language Processing, creating complex tasks becomes as easy as entering a normal message. And it works with Apple Siri and Amazon Alexa too!

Automate your workflows

Integrations via IFTTT


Save time and never lose track of any issue with powerful integrations with the apps you use every day:

  • Mark an email on Google Gmail or on Microsoft Outlook and a task to respond will be added to your timelist
  • Automatically create a task with repository, issue and link when a Github issue is assigned to you and prioritize it within your daily plan
  • Create a record on Evernote of what you have accomplished every day, based on your calendar and to-do list
  • Create a to-do with Amazon Alexa and add it to Slack
  • Anything you can think of

Visit the Kyber channel on IFTTT.

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