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  • Everything in Team Plan

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    up to 5 people

  • Task and Project Management

    Add a task list per each:

    • ∙ Public channel
    • ∙ Private channel
    • ∙ Direct message
    • ∙ Group

    Assign tasks to one or
    more teammate

    Team reminders

    Team recurring reminders

    Team due dates

    Attach files to tasks

    Comments per task

    Task creation from existing

    Plan team projects

    Filter projects by date,
    teammate, status

    View projects in calendar view

    Get a project task completion report

    Message scheduling

    Compose messages with:

    • ∙ Text formatting
    • ∙ Bullet lists
    • ∙ Video
    • ∙ Gif
    • ∙ Image

    Schedule messages for later

    Send recurring messages

    Preview messages before sending


    Create polls

    • ∙ Public
    • ∙ Anonymous
    • ∙ Recurring

    Turn an existing question into a poll

    Vote on polls

    Review results

    Team Sync-up

    Ask questions

    Organize asynchronous meetings

    Create surveys

    • ∙ Public
    • ∙ Anonymous
    • ∙ Recurring

    Get reports with team answers

    Personal productivity

    Create personal tasks

    Set reminders

    Set recurring reminders

    Set due dates

    Get list of tasks across projects

    Personal task completion report

    Instantaneous setup

    Automatic user creation mapping
    Slack user accounts

    Automatic privacy configuration
    mapping Slack privacy settings


  • Everything in Team plan

    Enterprise Grid support

    Shared task list per each cross-workplace channel

    Cross-workplace meeting scheduling

    Designated account and customer success team

    Preferred customer support


    Q: Can I try Kyber for free?

    A: Yes, by installing Kyber to your Slack workplace, a 14-day trial period starts. After that you can upgrade or extend the trial period for another 14 days in case you need more time to evaluate the product. If you need even more time, contact us.

    Q: Can I upgrade only the teammates that will use Kyber instead of my entire Slack workspace?

    A: Certainly: during the upgrade, you will be prompted to select between the “Kyber Users only” and the “Entire Slack workplace” options. Prices shown here are for “Kyber Users only”, annual billing.

    Q: Will I get an extra discount if I select the “Entire Slack workplace” option?

    A: Yes! We offer an additional 16% discount if you upgrade your entire Slack workplace. Every month, the size of your workspace is checked and extra users are charged for if the Slack workplace is larger than in the previous month.

    Q: Do you offer monthly and annually plans? How does billing work?

    A: Prices shown here are for “Kyber Users only”, Annual billing, offering a 33% discount vs. Monthly billing, equivalent to 4 months free.
 When billed month-to-month, the Team plan is $4.50 per month per user, and Enterprise plan is $12 per month per user. For Annual billing, new Kyber users activated each month are charged with prorated subscription for the rest of the Annual billing cycle (e.g. new users activated on Month 3 are charged only for 10 months). Plans automatically renew unless subscription is cancelled.

    Q: What is a Kyber user and when does it get charged?

    A: A Kyber user is a Slack user that creates new Kyber action items (e.g. tasks, polls, sync-up’s, messages) or interacts with them (e.g. edits, assigns, completes a task; votes on a poll; answers a sync-up; displays a list, etc). Anyone in your workplace can start using Kyber right away; at the end of each month, Kyber users are counted and charged accordingly depending on the selected billing cycle.

    Q: How do I remove a Kyber user?

    A: Simply disable that user from Slack; their seat is put back in the Kyber pool and can be used by any new Kyber user without additional charges.

    Q: How do I cancel my Kyber subscription?

    A: Uninstall Kyber from Slack and your subscription will be automatically cancelled.

    Q: Do you offer partial refunds for annual or monthly plans?

    A: No. You have up to 30 days to try the product and decide if it fits your needs. Annual plans are also offered at a significant discount compared to the monthly plans and therefore a partial refund can’t be offered.

    Q: Do you have a free plan for small teams?

    A: The Startup plan is free for Slack workplaces with less than 5 members. For workplaces larger than 5, the above pricing applies, even if less than 5 users will use Kyber (select the “Kyber Users only” option to upgrade only those), i.e. free seats do not apply.

    Q: Do you have educational, non-profit discounts?

    A: Yes, first try the product and if it fits your needs, contact us to present your organization and your needs.