So Yeah, AdCom8 Tried Slack and Kyber

Paolo Perazzo Slack

Getting things done together is a core problem at work. Throughout my career, standard solutions like task and project management apps never worked well. Too complex to use, too much friction to adopt within any of my teams.
Why? These tools force us to change our behaviors (i.e. communicate a task) and to adopt new workflows (e.g. fill a form to record a task).

When designing Kyber, I realized I needed to ignore the status quo and try a completely different approach if I wanted Kyber to be as natural and simple as human interactions.

But while exploring new paths can open up unprecedented opportunities, it can as well increase the risk of failure. To avoid the latter, I spent a lot of time talking to our users to gauge their reactions to new Kyber’s approach.

Recently, I found this tweet from Ian at AdCom8 talking about Kyber:

Between #Slack and #Kyber, my team has completely moved away
from email and productivity has skyrocketed! ????

I couldn’t miss the opportunity to speak to Ian and his team. “I used to hate task managers, I love Kyber”, “I love I can write down a task while in a conversation, without leaving Slack”, “It’s as simple as sending a message”. These quotes made me realize we were on the right path.

We decided to tell AdCom8’s story in a quick video: “So Yeah, We Tried Slack and Kyber”:

AdCom8 creates digital solutions that help small business owners achieve online visibility and sustainable growth. As you have seen from the video, they are also a great and fun team to work with.

Do you have any story about Kyber and Slack to share? Feel free to reach out – we would love to feature you and your company!