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Create tasks with Stripe information
Easily access customer data
Save and use templates for common tasks
Automate workflows based on Stripe events
Connect apps to Stripe without code

All inside Stripe Dashboard

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Track tasks and automate workflows

Kyber is a no-code solution that lets Stripe Dashboard users track tasks and create micro-apps (no code required!) to automate common Stripe workflows and save time – without leaving Stripe.

For example, when a new customer is added to Stripe or a payment fails, you can automatically create tasks from a template and directly execute some, like sending emails or Slack messages or even trigger any other services through webhooks/APIs.

Task management

View, edit and complete your tasks anywhere on Stripe Dashboard.

Tasks contain critical Stripe details and links to access Stripe information such as the customer and transaction to allow you to complete them faster and accurately.

Contextual task creation

Creating tasks with accurate Stripe information has never been so easy:

  • Insert Customer or Transaction details to the description of tasks directly from the Stripe page you are visiting
  • Attach links to current Customer or Transaction Stripe page that you can review while working on the task

Micro-apps: templates and workflow automation

Use micro-apps to execute or even automate your most common workflows.

Micro-apps let you send emails to request a refund approval or notify via Slack your support team of an issue without leaving Stripe.

Micro-apps can be executed manually or automatically based on Stripe events such as new customer created.

No-code micro-app creation

Create your own micro-apps in a few steps, without writing any code:

  1. Choose when to run your micro-app, either manually or based on Stripe events
  2. Pick an action you want to run, e.g. create a task or send an email
  3. Add initial details to create a template for you and your team