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Here at Companyons, productivity’s on our mind. Here’s our manifesto to a productive life: 8 simple steps that take you from serial procrastination to serious completion.


1 Sleep

It’s a common habit to wear sleep deprivation as a badge of honor. A fresh start to the day equips you with the tools necessary to not just get by, but also get on with a challenging day.

2 Plan

To do truly great things, you need a plan of action. Even if strict process is not your cup of tea, a basic framework of the challenges that lie in your day gives you the vision and mindset to solve.

3 Pick

The biggest decision you’ll make in your day is to pick what you work on, and more importantly, what you don’t work on. There may be a million things that need resolution: choose 2-3 that matter, and do them right.

4 Delegate

Now that you’re well-rested, planned and shortlisted critical tasks for the day, delegate and share the effort with your co-workers. Find the best synergy of tasks and owners, so you can focus on what you do best.

5 Break

It might sound tempting to work non-stop through the day. The reality is far from the truth: taking a 15 minute break allows you to step away from the minutiae and look at the big picture. It‘s also good for your health.

6 Track

Nothing gets you productive like a little competition. And sometimes, the best competition is yourself: the simple act of tracking time on a task encourages you to stay focused. It also allows you to estimate work better.

7 Review

As the day’s about to wind down, make sure you take a look back. A good day of work pushes you to keep a streak of productivity going, and also allows you to objectively track issues that will need resolution the next day.

8 Relax

Enjoy your time-off. Keep your mind away from work, and stimulate yourself with a hobby or side-project. Often, joy or pleasure in one part of work or life inform the other, leading to a more productive, happier you.

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