How native apps can turn Slack into the operating system for your workplace

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Like any emerging technology, bots and apps for messaging have been closely following the famous hype cycle chart from Gartner: I think it’s fair to say we are now past the “Peak of inflated expectations”, especially in enterprise. The industry has awakened from the dream of building fully conversational bots able to understand and interact with humans like humans, in every …

The first calendar for Slack

How to add a calendar to Slack

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With Kyber you can create one or more calendars directly on Slack and export them to your Outlook, Apple or Google Calendar. Calendars are very useful to visualize personal, project, team or company activities all in one place. Stay in sync, review project plan and status, hit your goals without leaving Slack. Shared Team Calendars Kyber lets your team add …

How to review assigned tasks and follow up on them

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Kyber is already the best Slack app to assign tasks and manage projects on Slack. Once you send a task with Kyber, it automatically gets added to the assignee to-do list, ensuring it’s not missed. But as a manager, even if you delegate a task, you still need to track it until completion. With Kyber is easy to review all the tasks you …


The easiest way to track tasks at work – and make things happen

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Creating, assigning and labeling a task has always been a tedious and long process. First, you need to find and launch the task or project management app. Then you have to navigate and click somewhere to create your task. Finally, you are presented with a list of empty text fields to be filled: the task name, the assignee, the project, …


So Yeah, AdCom8 Tried Slack and Kyber

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Getting things done together is a core problem at work. Throughout my career, standard solutions like task and project management apps never worked well. Too complex to use, too much friction to adopt within any of my teams. Why? These tools force us to change our behaviors (i.e. communicate a task) and to adopt new workflows (e.g. fill a form …

Why a project management app for Slack

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My team is partially based in San Francisco and partially remote. We build a Slack and mobile app called Kyber. To collaborate, we need two main kind of tools: a messaging app to communicate and a set of productivity apps to manage projects, track tasks, and schedule meetings. For messaging, we use Slack. For productivity, we replaced many apps with …

Human Interface Guidelines for Slack

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Table of content The importance and benefits of Human Interface Guidelines Designing for conversational UIs UI and UX for Slack Creativity from constraints 5 design principles for /commands Intuitiveness Consistency Structure Context Conversational syntax User on-boarding Help command(s) App discovery flow Leveraging Slack UI The importance and benefits of Human Interface Guidelines When Apple launched the iOS platform in 2007, designing iPhone …

Holiday party

How to have a fun, stress-free, holiday season

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The holidays are quickly approaching along with their fun and… craziness. Parties with friends and big family get together, one after the other. Either as organizer or guest, there is always so much to plan, so much to do, so much to keep track of – even to just show up and eat ?. Guess who can help you and …


How to design for the Apple Watch and the new era of computing

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The Apple Watch heralds the beginning of a new generation of computing, a very important one that will make technology even more pervasive and yet more “invisible”. That’s the ultimate dream of Apple, as per Jonathan Ive, SVP, Design: We believe technology is at its best, at its most empowering when it simply disappears. Jonathan Ive The Apple Watch’s form …


How to make things happen in 3 easy steps

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Our lives are getting busier – and more interrupted – than ever. Keeping the focus and getting those millions of things done is a big challenge. I studied a lot of books and techniques to solve this problem, but I personally found them way too complicated and practically useless quite immediately. Therefore I ended up designing a flow that has …