Making Kyber simpler to use

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Less is more Kyber started with 3 verbs to create a task: /do for personal tasks, /ask for tasks privately assigned, /post for tasks shared with a channel. Moving forward, the 3 verbs will be replaced by a single one. The verb we kept, /do (thanks to those that completed our survey!), uses the context of the conversation you are in to create the right type of task: …

A VCbotbase to fuel the Bot Economy

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At Kyber, we have been experiencing amazing growth, as enthusiastic customers use and recommend our Slack app that let their teams manage tasks, projects and meetings through conversational UI without leaving Slack. After such a positive user response and the interest shown by all the major messaging platforms, we recently decided to start raising more capital to fuel further growth …


The easiest way to track tasks at work – and make things happen

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Creating, assigning and labeling a task has always been a tedious and long process. First, you need to find and launch the task or project management app. Then you have to navigate and click somewhere to create your task. Finally, you are presented with a list of empty text fields to be filled: the task name, the assignee, the project, …


So Yeah, AdCom8 Tried Slack and Kyber

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Getting things done together is a core problem at work. Throughout my career, standard solutions like task and project management apps never worked well. Too complex to use, too much friction to adopt within any of my teams. Why? These tools force us to change our behaviors (i.e. communicate a task) and to adopt new workflows (e.g. fill a form …

Kyber for Slack | Tutorial

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Table of content Conventions used in this tutorial: Slack commands are entered using bold, e.g. /task Slack buttons are entered using underline, e.g. Do Get started What is Kyber Kyber helps you and your team stay on top of your work day. With one single Slack bot you get: Personal productivity Task delegation Project management Team calendar Without leaving Slack. Make …

Why a project management app for Slack

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My team is partially based in San Francisco and partially remote. We build a Slack and mobile app called Kyber. To collaborate, we need two main kind of tools: a messaging app to communicate and a set of productivity apps to manage projects, track tasks, and schedule meetings. For messaging, we use Slack. For productivity, we replaced many apps with …

Human Interface Guidelines for Slack

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Table of content The importance and benefits of Human Interface Guidelines Designing for conversational UIs UI and UX for Slack Creativity from constraints 5 design principles for /commands Intuitiveness Consistency Structure Context Conversational syntax User on-boarding Help command(s) App discovery flow Leveraging Slack UI The importance and benefits of Human Interface Guidelines When Apple launched the iOS platform in 2007, designing iPhone …

To-do list, reminders, calendars for Slack

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Everybody should keep a to-do list, set reminders and update calendars to become efficient and successful at work. But let’s be honest: switching to productivity or (even worse) project management apps just to record tasks is a painful process. If you are on Slack (and you should), your to-dos, reminders and calendars are now there too, thanks to Kyber for …

Kyber + Slack

Turn your Slack messages into actions

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Slack, “the real-time messaging for modern teams”, is one of the very few enterprise apps that people love and truly enjoy using. It’s fun, it’s powerful, it make you more productive. We couldn’t help working together with them. Kyber helps people getting things done together. At home or at work, “productivity interactions” are incredibly common: “Can you do it for me?”  …

Holiday party

How to have a fun, stress-free, holiday season

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The holidays are quickly approaching along with their fun and… craziness. Parties with friends and big family get together, one after the other. Either as organizer or guest, there is always so much to plan, so much to do, so much to keep track of – even to just show up and eat ?. Guess who can help you and …